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Writer's Block: Music of my heart

"Troubled Times" by Fountains of Wayne

the longest day

Well, the longest day of the year is done. In past years I had gone to Golden Gardens, or at least Green Lake, to take in the last, 10 p.m. rays of the solstice. But this year, feeling less sentimental and profound about it all (though not wholly lacking sentimentality or profundity), I merely set up the canvas armchair (with drink holder) in my front yard and read about baseball, then the daily comics, then the last-ever Angel comic (from IDW comics). And the darn sun went down quicker than expected; the 75 degree day cooled to where I got a light sweatshirt, and by 9:40 it was "gloaming," not the bright glare I'd expected 'til 10.

Oh, well. Tons of evening sunshine lies ahead, and hopefully a real summer. I hate all the whining people do about the weather, and how "spring never came" (oh yeah it did) and "summer's not here" (sure it is). People love to complain, and I do it too, but how can you ever be happy if it's your default mode?

I may be a roof

For 2-1/2 weeks I've been having dental pain that then spread to a spot on my right jaw, then (occasionally) both ears, then my right eye (very occasionally). Sometimes I'm more sensitive to sound too; last night I had to turn the TV way down.

This has mystified both my dentist (a charming old-school office in Wallingford, BTW) and an internal medicine MD. I just saw an ear/nose/throat specialist and he narrowed it down to this: chances are I either have sinusitis or shingles. Already was on an antibiotic that should handle sinus infection, so now I have a med for shingles. Combined with pain meds, I feel like Keith Richards.

Shingles? I am a roof, I am an island......

Mood: slightly anxious

"In Praise of the Crack-Up"

To my millions of readers -- er, well, Vylotte & Cymraeg -- I offer the following link to a truly excellent, insightful article by an English novelist about depression, creativity, and feeling what is real:


Best to ignore the fact it appeared in the Wall Street Journal! Not a political piece by any means.

Monsters & Miracles

"We are a boatful of monsters and miracles, hoping that, somehow, we can
survive a world in which all hands are against us. A world which, by
all evidence, will end extremely soon. Yet, I posit we are in a
universe which favors stories. A universe in which no story can ever
truly end; in which there can be only continuances. If we are in such a
universe, as I hope, then we may have a chance."

-Reed Richards, 1602

Writer's Block: Thanks for the Input

What is the worst piece of advice you've ever received?
"The Leadership Program will change your life!"

For the Whedonites

Check out this cute, super-edgy, "postmodern Archie-ish" cartoon... with Joss Whedon reference!:

This article made my day... (along with the Huskies winning the national title in softball...):


The author, Mark Morford, is quite droll, a somewhat edgy but digestible San Francisco columnist.

Profound News This Week

All Americans must immediately halt whatever they're doing and click on the profound news contained herebelow:


Victory is at hand!!!

While yesterday there were two major national polls (out of nine total) that had McCain within 2 or 3% in the popular-vote, those same polls now have Obama leading by 5 or 6%.  The other seven polls have Obama still leading today by anywhere from 7 to 11 points.

There's a very good site focusing on the electoral college map.  Go to www.FiveThirtyEight.com and read the entry:

"Today's Polls, 11/3 (PM edition)"

Victory is at hand!